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Such approach if implemented worldwide will reconstruct the inflexible, non-transparent and obsolete medieval collective management guild of CISAC to the open competition of familiar and credible insurance and personal banking businesses, demanding just one important issue — compulsory licensing for authors must become compulsory insurance for the users. And could the current model of the mass management of the homogeneous rights be the correct Юрист Семенов interpretation Юрист Семенов what really happens in relations between users and authors? By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

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Download citation. Welcome back! G P Shchedrovickij. Citations 1.

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Analysis of the legitimacy Юрист Семенов application of public administrative liability measures Article 7. Basically the choice between the contractual and extended collective management is made according to the extent of complexities in conflict solvability — Юрист Семенов big and small Юрист Семенов [1].

Anatoly Semenov. М-Печерского ул. , Комсомольская ул. .

To friendTo me ,Give it to her. S N Morozyuk.

Ukrainian legislation is unfamiliar with the concept of post-award or post-judgment interest and difficulties can thus arise during the enforcement of arbitral awards involving such interest.

No account? And could the current model of the https://st-anna.ru/amurskaya-oblast/yurist-tinda-1.php management Юрист Семенов the homogeneous rights Юрист Семенов the correct legal interpretation of what really happens in relations between users and authors?

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Continue with Google. Keep me logged in. Such an approach puts the user to be the boss and the collectives to manage not the rights of countless authors that will never conclude all the necessary contracts with them , but the intellectual risks of the user by suggesting him suitable insurance packages on the competitive basis.
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Log in. In Russian. October-December Issue 3. Issledovanie problem psihologii tvorchestva Study of the problems of creativity psychology.

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The involvement of state bodies and companies in international commercial arbitration remains a pressing issue not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. Analysis of the legitimacy of application Юрист Семенов public administrative liability measures Article 7. Stepanov S.

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